Extreme suffering, intense bondage, and squirting orgasms!


Sahara is back for another round of brutal torment. She is dragged on to set, slammed into the wall and given direction on how her day will go down. There will be no warm up, there will be no taking it easy, and there will definitely be no mercy. She is thrown to the floor and toyed with before being put in the most restrictive hogtie she has ever experienced. Next, she is in a partial suspension, her arms in a strappado, and balancing on one foot. Her ass is begging for a beating and I oblige. Once her pussy is brought into the equation, we see her willing whore hole explode with a squirting orgasm. She is then lowered to the floor and made to clean her pussy juices off of the floor. To finish, she is lifted into the air and suspended until she can’t handle the pain.It’s decided that if her cunt wants to play, then that’s what’s going to happen. She is spread wide and a zipper is applied to her leg, then hot wax is poured over her sensitive flesh. Her cunt falls under a brutal assault from The Pope, yet not letting her suffering ever decrease. Again when The Pope grow bored with this slut, and she is lifted into a suspension, but this time in the most brutal suspension. The only thing holding her up is a rope around one ankle, and she hangs there until her body gives out.Sahara made it clear that she liked breath play and The Pope gives her more than she can handle. The entire scene is her being taken to the edge, but never allowed to go over. You get to see this slut getting more than she bargained for, yet being the pain slut she is and wanting even more….greedy little slut.

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Katharine Cane – Edited Live Shoot

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Elizabeth is one of the toughest whores that I’ve ever met. She genuinely loves pain, and as the day goes on you can see it in her expressions. This is some of the most intense impact play that you will see. She pleads for more, and she suffers through every second of pain that I inflict upon her. Breath play is one thing that get’s this slut dripping wet, so I give her more than she can handle, inside and out. Go to Sadistic Rope »

Hardcore suffering from brutal impact and extreme breath play while bound and compelled to cum. Go to Sadistic Rope »

18 Year Old Newcomer is Destroyed!!

The starts out with putting some rope on her and evaluating her ability to handle suffering while bound. She is very new, barely 18, and with little experience, so we slowly ramp up the pain. It doesn’t take much to make this little bitch scream, and I make sure she screams all day. I realize that she is so new that she is still unaware of what it feels like to have multiple orgasms ripped from her cunt. This is used against her as well as more suffering, until she no longer has any control over what her body is doing.  Go to Sadistic Rope »

Newbie loses her mind as multiple orgasms are ripped from her body while tied and suffering.Go to Sadistic Rope »